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NEW! Introducing the chemistry-free TDP-750E DigiPlater and Thermal film Imaging System.

Mitsubishi Imaging has introduced its new, chemistry-free TDP-750E DigiPlater and Thermal film Imaging System, designed for 4-up, high-volume printers who specialize in one or two color jobs. The TDP-750E requires absolutely no chemicals, toner, ink or ribbon, so it is easy and cost-effective to maintain. The fully automated TDP-750E requires minimal training and produces up […]


Mitsubishi Imaging’s new printable synthetic films create a revenue stream for printers.

As the landscape for wide-format commercial print expands to new substrates, Mitsubishi Imaging, Inc. has carefully crafted a synthetic film portfolio to answer the need. Meeting the demands of store graphics and point-of-purchase sales applications can be a challenge. To get shoppers in-store, where 70% make their final decisions about a product, retailers are looking […]


Mitsubishi goes metal! Mitsubishi Imaging, Inc. has added the CRON–ECRM UV Model G Series of digital plate-makers to its family of CTP products.

The Cron-ECRM is a versatile metal CTP system, capable of imaging resolutions up to 3600dpi.  The optical carriage, with integrated optics and lasers, a v-shaped guide rail and linear magnetic drive, ensures friction free movement. The dual balanced drum enables high-speed vibrationless performance. Automatic temperature and focus compensation and optical correction guarantee exceptional image quality […]


Mitsubishi Imaging updates all MSDS documents to new SDS format.

(RYE, NY) Mitsubishi Imaging Inc., in full compliance with the new OSHA/GHS /HCS regulations, has updated all relevant MSDS documents to the new SDS document format and posted them here. New GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Clarification) / HCS (Hazard Communication Standard) regulations require all chemistry manufacturers, dealers and distributors to update formerly called MSDS […]


Mitsubishi Imaging presents a wide of range production inkjet and coated offset papers at the 2015 Inkjet Summit

Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc., and its parent company Mitsubishi Paper Mills, LTD, a leading manufacturer of production inkjet and coated offset paper were a repeat gold level sponsor and featured presenter at the 2015 Inkjet Summit held April 27-29 in Ponte Verde Beach, Florida. Catherine Cartolano, Vice President of Sales and Technical Services at Mitsubishi […]


Mitsubishi Imaging to Showcase Inkjet Papers for HP Digital Presses at Jetcomm 2015 and DscoopX in Washington, DC

(RYE, NY) Mitsubishi Imaging, a leader in high performance digital papers will be a featured exhibitor at two, back-to-back conferences for HP digital press users in Washington, DC.


Mitsubishi Imaging and Cron-ECRM Sign Distribution Agreement

(RYE, NY) Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM) Inc. has signed as a North American distributor with CRON-ECRM. This agreement includes the distribution of CtcP products, accessories and Blackwood printing plates.


Mitsubishi Imaging was a gold level sponsor and presenter at the recent 2014 Inkjet Summit

Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc., a leading provider of production Inkjet paper manufactured by Mitsubishi Paper Mills, was a gold level sponsor and featured presenter of the 2014 Inkjet Summit, held April 7-9 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.


Mitsubishi Imaging to Demonstrate 4-up Processless and Chemistry-Free CTP at Print ’13.

Mitsubishi Imaging is conducting a technology demonstration at PRINT ‘13 of its 4-up 100% processless and 100% chemistry-free computer to plate Thermal DigiPlater in booth 250.


Mitsubishi Imaging Shows Specialty Coated Inkjet Paper for Quality Results in Production Inkjet Printing at Print 13

Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. will introduce new grades and products of their instant dry, high quality inkjet media for production printing applications in Booth 250 at PRINT ‘13 in Chicago.