Mitsubishi Imaging’s new printable synthetic films create a revenue stream for printers.

As the landscape for wide-format commercial print expands to new substrates, Mitsubishi Imaging, Inc. has carefully crafted a synthetic film portfolio to answer the need. Meeting the demands of store graphics and point-of-purchase sales applications can be a challenge. To get shoppers in-store, where 70% make their final decisions about a product, retailers are looking for innovative highly durable materials to capture attention and create the draw. Synthetics are the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor promotional applications such as window posters and clings, banners, wide-format signage and hanging graphics. Synthetics resist water, grease and chemicals, are tear resistant and our portfolio is compatible with aqueous, latex and solvent printers. Mitsubishi’s film portfolio has answers for everyone. From high-end films to more economical equivalents, from backlits to adhesives, we offer a range of materials that meet the demands of high impact signage. To see a samples of our portfolio, contact us at 914-325-3207.

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