Announcing the addition of SWORDiJET® 5.5 High Gloss to Mitsubishi Paper Mill’s (MPM) portfolio of high speed production inkjet coated papers

Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM) Inc. announces the addition of the SWORDiJET® 5.5 High Gloss to Mitsubishi Paper Mills’ (MPM) portfolio of high speed production inkjet coated papers. “We are excited to bring to market one of the highest gloss levels available for high speed printing”, says Chris Hung, Vice President of Sales and Product Planning. “An 80% gloss level opens up a range of possibilities for Publishers,” he continues.

Mitsubishi specifically engineered SWORD iJET 5.5 High Gloss to target the high-end Magazine, Catalog, Book and Scientific Journal market which are seeing growth from the benefits of personalized content and print on demand capabilities that are now possible with high speed production printing. “We are delighted to offer a seamless solution for high quality, efficient output for Printers and Publishers” says Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc’s CEO and President Hide Tsukada.

Mitsubishi is committed to the value of print and Production Inkjet technology. Mitsubishi Paper Mills’ coating technology offers high value opportunities for Print Service Providers (PSP) to expand existing business or create new markets to serve. PSP’s will see immediate cost savings in efficiencies. Mitsubishi’s coating technology maximizes press performance with increased speeds, reduced ink loading and unprecedented dry times. Additionally, high volume accounts can benefit from cost advantages in direct container paper shipments.

SWORDiJET® 5.5 High Gloss is available in 90,118,128gsm and in heavier weights including a 7 and 9pt to serve Direct Mail applications. In addition to the Mitsubishi SWORDiJET® 5.5 High Gloss, Mitsubishi’s expansive portfolio also includes SWORDiJET® 4.3 Gloss and Matte and Premier IJ Book and Form.  All grades are produced at Mitsubishi Paper Mills’ fully integrated COC certified Hachinhoe Paper Mill in Japan.   For additional information, please visit  http://www.mitsubishiimaging.com/production-inkjet.html.

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