Mitsubishi announces Grace Paper price increase.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited (MPM) announced that it will raise the price for its silver halide photographic color paper, Mitsubishi Grace Paper, in the 4th quarter of 2016.

Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited (MPM) has undertaken various steps to reduce costs and streamline processes for improve productivity. However, despite best efforts, a price increase will be required to meet production needs. A decline in production due to decrease demand for photographic color papers and inflating factory costs are the reason for these price increases.

Mitsubishi Paper Mill Limited (MPM) will implement the price revision detailed below.

  1. Product.: Mitsubishi Grace Paper
  2. Price Increment: Approximately 15% increase to current price
  3. Effective date: 4thquarter 2016

Details of the price increase will be fixed with consideration of the individual country circumstances.

For inquiries about this media release, please contact:

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited, Photo Sales Group, Daisuke Yoshida (TEL)+81-3-5600-1479

U.S.A.: Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc., Jillian H. Acord (TEL)+1-914-925-3221

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