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NEW! Introducing the chemistry-free TDP-750E DigiPlater and Thermal film Imaging System.

Mitsubishi Imaging has introduced its new, chemistry-free TDP-750E DigiPlater and Thermal film Imaging System, designed for 4-up, high-volume printers who specialize in one or two color jobs. The TDP-750E requires absolutely no chemicals, toner, ink or ribbon, so it is easy and cost-effective to maintain. The fully automated TDP-750E requires minimal training and produces up […]


Mitsubishi Imaging’s new printable synthetic films create a revenue stream for printers.

As the landscape for wide-format commercial print expands to new substrates, Mitsubishi Imaging, Inc. has carefully crafted a synthetic film portfolio to answer the need. Meeting the demands of store graphics and point-of-purchase sales applications can be a challenge. To get shoppers in-store, where 70% make their final decisions about a product, retailers are looking […]


Mitsubishi goes metal! Mitsubishi Imaging, Inc. has added the CRON–ECRM UV Model G Series of digital plate-makers to its family of CTP products.

The Cron-ECRM is a versatile metal CTP system, capable of imaging resolutions up to 3600dpi.  The optical carriage, with integrated optics and lasers, a v-shaped guide rail and linear magnetic drive, ensures friction free movement. The dual balanced drum enables high-speed vibrationless performance. Automatic temperature and focus compensation and optical correction guarantee exceptional image quality […]


Mitsubishi Imaging updates all MSDS documents to new SDS format.

(RYE, NY) Mitsubishi Imaging Inc., in full compliance with the new OSHA/GHS /HCS regulations, has updated all relevant MSDS documents to the new SDS document format and posted them here. New GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Clarification) / HCS (Hazard Communication Standard) regulations require all chemistry manufacturers, dealers and distributors to update formerly called MSDS […]


Mitsubishi Imaging presents a wide of range production inkjet and coated offset papers at the 2015 Inkjet Summit

Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc., and its parent company Mitsubishi Paper Mills, LTD, a leading manufacturer of production inkjet and coated offset paper were a repeat gold level sponsor and featured presenter at the 2015 Inkjet Summit held April 27-29 in Ponte Verde Beach, Florida. Catherine Cartolano, Vice President of Sales and Technical Services at Mitsubishi […]


Mitsubishi Imaging to Showcase Inkjet Papers for HP Digital Presses at Jetcomm 2015 and DscoopX in Washington, DC

(RYE, NY) Mitsubishi Imaging, a leader in high performance digital papers will be a featured exhibitor at two, back-to-back conferences for HP digital press users in Washington, DC.