Mitsubishi Imaging Participates in NAPL Owners Conference

This year at the NAPL Owners Conference, V.P. of Marketing, Operations and IT, Jillian Acord, and V.P. of Sales and Technical Services, Catherine Cartolano, met with business owners in the print industry. Many discussions at this year’s NAPL conference focused on the business environment and challenges print owners are experiencing. To continue to grow, many print company owners say they have focused on value added services and have adopted a hybrid print strategy, utilizing both digital and offset print technology to best serve their customer base.

“Computer-to-plate and digital presses are not an either/or scenario,” notes Suzanne Bostick, senior product manager for the Thermal DigiPlateā„¢. “Savvy printers are benefiting from the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective technology to do the job.” Bostick adds, “Many printers talk about the challenge of how to price and estimate the cost of the different technologies. When substrate, quality and job length could be executed well from either technology, how quickly a printer can get a plate to press is a big factor is establishing the tipping point at which our customers prefer CTP over digital printing.”

At Mitsubishi Imaging, we help printers by offering CTP products that support existing investments in offset, save time and money in prepress, while also helping printers to preserve the environment. An ideal solution is our 100% processless and chemistry-free Thermal DigiPlate CTP system. This 2-up platesetter images 1200 dpi plates at a speed of 75 plates per hour without any chemistry, ribbons or ink cartridges. The patented thermal head creates a strong image on plate and the plates will run up to 5,000 impressions, making this a perfect solution for fast-to-press jobs.

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