Mitsubishi Imaging to Host Open House Event March 29th in Rye NY

(RYE, NY) Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. announced it will be hosting an Open House Customer Event Day for small format printers on Thursday, March 29, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM in its Demonstration and Training Center in Rye, New York.

“Mitsubishi Imaging will be conducting hourly demonstrations on its chemistry-free TDP-459, 2-up CTP platesetter operating with a BaumPrint 18 small format automated offset press and Baum 714XA tabletop automated folder,” according to Suzanne Bostick, Senior Product Manager, Mitsubishi Imaging. “We are anticipating an excellent turnout from small commercial, in-plant and quick printers on the east coast.”

“In addition to Mitsubishi Imaging sales and service staff, representatives from BAUM as well as local dealers including A.L. Larsen, Graphic Service & Equipment, G.E. Richards, Jack L. Popkin and Best Tech Graphic Equipment will be on hand to help facilitate the demos and answer customer’s questions,” Bostick added.


The information-packed event follows two days of hands-on (by invitation only) press operator training and allows small format printers to see the latest innovations in chemistry free platemaking as well as in printing and folding automations.

Plates from the Thermal DigiPlate chemistry-free CTP system will be run on the BaumPrint 18 automated small format press during the open house.

The BaumPrint 18 press, provided by Baumfolder, is the ideal companion for the affordable and eco-friendly CTP systems from Mitsubishi Imaging. Known for its high level of automation, the BaumPrint 18 will also include the new IR dryer option to create the ideal conditions for cost-effective production of one, two, and multi-color jobs.

In the same workflow, printers can also see demos of the space-saving Baumfolder 714XA Autofold tabletop folder, which will feed and fold laser, offset and other digitally printed stock from 3” x 5″ to 14” x 25.5″.

Mitsubishi Imaging offers a wide range of eco-friendly and affordable CTP systems specifically designed for the 2-up printer. As a leader in sustainable green technology, Mitsubishi is proud to show its chemistry-free Thermal DigiPlate™ CTP platesetter which outputs up to 75 plates per hour at 1200 dpi on Mitsubishi patented resin coated paper media. Without the need for chemicals, ribbons, inks or processors, the TDP-459/324 platesetter makes plates quickly and cleanly. Additional savings on chemistry disposal, plate costs, maintenance, labor and time helps the Mitsubishi Imaging Thermal DigiPlate CTP System give small to medium sized printers a competitive edge so they can gain more jobs and increase their profitability.

Customers are encouraged to bring or send actual 2-up job files to be run live at the Open House to: Suzanne Bostick: 914-925-3288, sbostick@mitsubishiimaging.com

To register for the Open House, get directions or for more information, please contact Suzanne Bostick or visit www.mitsubishiimaging.com.


About Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc.
Mitsubishi Imaging, a leader in sustainable green technology, provides the printing industry in both North and South America with total solutions for the next generation of print. Mitsubishi supplies printers with affordable CTP options including the benchmark Silver DigiPlate™ and SilverMaster® plate material. Mitsubishi Imaging’s eco-friendly CTP solutions include the low chemistry usage SDP-Eco1630IIIR and the chemistry-free Thermal DigiPlate™. Mitsubishi Imaging also produces a wide range of inkjet media to meet any high resolution need and offers Diamond Jet, Diamond Proof, Pictorico and Grace papers that provide the highest quality printing. New to our product line are Commercial Inkjet media and the DP Series media for HP digital offset presses. Mitsubishi media meets multiple applications for any proofing and digital printing requirements. To learn more, visit us at www.mitsubishiimaging.com.

About Baumfolder Corporation
BAUM has been a leader in the graphic arts industry as an equipment manufacturer, designer and distributor for 94 years. BAUM designs, builds and distributes world class folding machines and has many related products including guillotine cutters, drills, creasing machines, printing presses and material handling equipment. BAUM continues to lead the market with new technologies and design, including the new IR dryer option to the BaumPrint 18 small format automated press line. For more information on the BaumPrint 18 Press and the new IR dryer option, go to www.baumfolder.com or contact your local authorized BAUM sales representative at 1-800-543-6107.

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