Mitsubishi Imaging’s New Product Introductions at Graph Expo Focused on Total Solutions for the Next Generation of Print

(RYE, NY) Mitsubishi Imaging presented total solutions for the next generation of print and introduced a number of new specialty media and computer-to plate technologies at Graph Expo ’11.

“Graph Expo was a successful show for Mitsubishi in terms of steady booth traffic and the high level of interest in Mitsubishi’s affordable solutions for both digital and offset printing technologies”, said Catherine Cartolano, Vice President, Sales & Technical Services, Mitsubishi Imaging.  “There’s a wide variety of printing technologies available today and our customers face an extremely competitive environment. Each financial decision is weighed carefully, so looking forward to the next generation of print is critically important”.

Among the Mitsubishi products featured at Graph Expo ’11 and garnering considerable interest were the new DP Series Specialty media for HP Indigo digital offset presses; Mitsubishi coated inkjet media for high speed inkjet production printers; Diamond Jet metallic wide format inkjet media for signage and display printing; and Mitsubishi’s expanding portfolio of clear inkjet film.

“Graph Expo ’11 was a great forum for Mitsubishi Imaging to showcase our full line of specialty papers,” said Steven Vallario, Director, Digital Imaging Marketing Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. “Reaction to our newest digital media, the DP Series Specialty Media for HP Indigo digital offset presses was extremely favorable.  This unique, high quality media immediately caught the interest of digital printers.”

“Mitsubishi also had coated grades of inkjet media in use at various booths such as Pitney Bowes, Kodak, Océ and Konica Minolta. Printers considering their next purchase in high speed inkjet equipment were very interested to see these rolls demonstrating a wide variety of applications.”

For CTP at the show, Mitsubishi set up a complete plate to output workflow by first imaging chemical-free plates live at Graph Expo ’11 on the eco-friendly Thermal DigiPlate, a 2-up CTP system ideal for small printers and then printing live at the show. This 100% processless system features Mitsubishi’s patented thermal fusing technology to create a high-contrast image on the plate without chemical development, wash-off or ablation. Visitors saw firsthand how fast and easy it was for our press operators to image TDP plates and then print them live in the booth on a BaumPrint 18 two-color press.

Mitsubishi Imaging also previewed its chemical-free, violet-sensitive DigiPlate CTP System. The under-development, violet sensitive PDP-VL plate uses a polymer cross-linking technology that requires no chemical processing to create the image area. This future product is designed for high resolution printing with run lengths of up to 20,000 impressions, and will produce output with the offset quality and affordability of Mitsubishi Imaging’s premium Silver DigiPlate™.

“We know printers need products that will help them compete and stay profitable” said Suzanne Bostick, Senior Product Manager, Mitsubishi Imaging. “The two chemical-free CTP systems we demonstrated at Graph Expo ’11 represent Mitsubishi’s current and future commitment to providing affordable, eco-friendly printing CTP choices to the small and mid-sized printer.”

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