Church of Scientology trusts Mitsubishi as their production inkjet paper source.

gty_church_of_scientology_wg_151020_4x3_992 copyIn an effort to meet the print demands of their growing membership, the Church of Scientology International invested in a high-speed production inkjet press.  Expanded mailing lists, growing magazine publications and an increased need for church informational materials required them to find a solution that could increase production in tighter time frames while keeping costs down.

The church’s bi-monthly printing schedule for their global distribution of magazines has a circulation of approximately 3.6 million.  The magazines have unique cover wraps and can contain up to 9 million inserts. With their new high-speed production inkjet press coupled with Mitsubishi’s quick dry ready for in-line finishing production inkjet papers, the Church of Scientology’s production times have been reduced by two thirds and costs have been reduced by half.

The church’s art directors and designers were impressed with the quality of Mitsubishi’s papers as well.  Out of six papers tested Mitsubishi’s ranked the highest producing sharper more vibrant imagery and text. Our expansive portfolio in various finishes, grades and weights offered them a range of products to choose from. Our Premier IJ 7pt was ideal for the insert work and our Value IJ was the economical quality solution for the magazine’s cover wrap.

We look forward to mutually growing our respective businesses and are delighted to partner with the Church of Scientology International in-plant department.

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